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Decenijama smo na istom mjestu i nudimo vam odličnu hranu. Mi Vas nećemo iznevjeriti.

What we do

Restoran MM


Restaurant MM has a gastronomic tradition of over 30 years and is one of the most recognizable places in Mostar when it comes to gastronomic offer and catering.

Restoran MM catering


Organizujemo catering za sve vrste poslovnih događaja na željenoj lokaciji. Iza nas je dugogodišnje iskustvo u organizaciji sličnih događaja a sa ponosom ističemo da smo usluge cateringa radili za neke od prestižnih institucija i organizacija.

Healthy food

The healthy food we produce at the "Green Oasis" ranch has become our mission, as well as the preparation of healthy meals in the MM Restaurant. With great care, in an organic way, we plant and grow vegetables and fruits.


We single out

We single out dishes from our offer. You can see more detailed content in the menu section and the corresponding categories.

Nature beefsteak or i an sauce - 22,00 KM

Garnish house

Steak platte for two - 38,00 KM

3 steaks / 2 chicken steaks / 2 rump steaks / 2 medallions

Tortellini Pana - 10,00 KM

Turkey ham / cream

Neretva trout - 13.00 KM

Boiled potatoes / chard

Chicken fillet in aurora sauce - 8,00 KM

Chard, kale, mashed potatoes, rice, risotto, vegetables, potatoes, chewing gum of your choice

Herzegovina plate - 9,00 KM

Beef prosciutto / Cheese / Cream / Peximet 350 gr.

Mimoza - 10,00 KM

Fresh salad with noodles / Beefsteak / Dressing

Smokvara - 3,00 KM

180 gr.

Restaurant MM

Our vision

A trust we have not betrayed - more than three decades with you. 

Unique experience, unique food and ambience, friendly staff and attentive service are what we are proud of. That's why we last .. 

Some of our specialties



Appetizers and salads


Traditional food

Main dishes

How did it all start?

Now, back in the 1980s, our story began, with the restaurant "ADA", which continued to operate under that name until the 90s. After that, the story continues with the restaurant "La Meshta" in the then NATO base of EUFOR and the restaurant "DADO" which was opened in the period from 1996 to 2011. The operation of the restaurant La Meshta lasts 8 years (from 2000 to 2008), to our references the only ones from the region to get permission to open a civilian restaurant. We are especially proud that they met all the criteria and standards that were set before us. It is worth noting that the base then had about 6,000 soldiers. 


In 2000, we opened a restaurant, a brand that still lives today under the name "Restaurant MM". In the period of existence of the MM restaurant, more precisely since 2009, we are also opening the restaurant "4A" (canteen) at the Džemal Bijedić University in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Economics. A few years ago, in 2019, inspired by the idea of healthy food and organic farming, we entered the business venture of the ranch "Green Oasis", and we round off our whole story with a company called MM d.o.o. Mostar. Organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables is marked by the Global gab standard, and we use the highest quality ingredients in the preparation of all our specialties and delicacies. Within the restaurant, in the sales area, we have a healthy corner where our guests can buy fresh produce from the ranch, it is about small and limited quantities. 

Eco food Restaurant MM

We are especially proud of the production of food, which is produced in our gardens and which we serve you every day. The food you get on the plate is organically grown in the traditional way. You can find small and limited quantities of organic food in the sales area of Restaurant MM. See how it looks in the following photos. 


What our guests say

In the MM restaurant we found a very large offer of local, vegan dishes, excellent and pleasant service and all this at very affordable prices.

Ružica p.
I enjoy eating food that I know has been prepared carefully and that the ingredients are from home, organic farming, which is what regularly attracts me to the MM restaurant. Everything is fine and delicious and most importantly everything is healthy.
miran k.
The best place in Mostar to eat, a large selection of local dishes and daily offerings especially delighted me. Restaurant MM also offers modern dishes and it's great that I can try it all in one place.
Alen g.


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