Zelena Oaza

The food we serve in Restaurant MM comes from organic farming, from our gardens. 


The idea of home-grown fruit and vegetables, which will be in line with organic farming, and which we will bring to all loyal guests through our tables, originated a long time ago. However, the realization of this business venture came in 2019, when the "Green Oasis" ranch was created. Today we can proudly say that this idea has come to life and that it is an integral part of our business, also home-grown fruits and vegetables are becoming a trademark of our fine and quality dishes.

Restoran MM - zdrava hrana, povrće

Zdrava Hrana (Eko hrana)

The healthy food we produce at the "Green Oasis" ranch has become our mission, as well as the preparation of healthy meals in the MM Restaurant. With great care, in an organic way, we plant and grow vegetables and fruits. Organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables is marked by the Global gab standard.


Our guests, in addition to enjoying food based on our local ingredients, have the opportunity to buy small and limited quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables on display in a small corner in the sales area of the restaurant. A healthy corner with healthy food attracts the eyes of passers-by and the smell of freshly picked apples, cabbage leaves, red peppers spreads down the street. We enjoy food production just as much as we enjoy its preparation and serving.