We organize catering for all types of business events in the desired location. We have many years of experience in organizing similar events.

Catering for business events

Organizujemo catering za sve vrste poslovnih događaja na željenoj lokaciji. Iza nas je dugogodišnje iskustvo u organizaciji sličnih događaja a sa ponosom ističemo da smo radili za neke od prestižnih institucija i organizacija. 

Some of the satisfied business users are: USAID, INTERA technology park, Bosnalijek, JP Autoceste FBiH, OSCE, Mostar Airport, Redah, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, UWC Mostar, Hercegovina lijek and many others. 

Zašto mi i kako do nas?

Veliki broj zadovoljnih klijenata naša je najbolja recenzija.  Uslugu možete naručiti putem ovog linka.

Catering for weddings (and farewells)

Leave the care of food, drinks, arrangements and tastes on your happiest day in life to our professional staff. Many newlyweds gave us the trust that we successfully justified and sailed into a new life together with them. Our newlyweds continue their story with us through other business collaborations. 

In addition to the organization of wedding catering, we also offer the organization of funerals for the bride's family and other similar services related to the most wonderful day in your life. 

Catering for birthday celebrations

Entrust us with the organization of birthday parties for all ages with various themes, decorations and colors. Cute dishes, creations, good fun with good food will delight all generations, we are quite sure.

Other catering services

If you are planning any of educational eventscelebration of graduation, master's and doctoral dissertations or preparing the organization of prom nights for high schools, we invite you to look at our rich gastronomic offer and numerous references when it comes to organizing catering services. 

Want to organize a cocktail party for a small or large number of people and you don't know how? Don't worry, we're here for you. We can help you with our creative offers and make the best cocktail party. 

Need lunch packages for the group, Restaurant MM is able to deliver 300-400 packages for people in the field. 

You have announced guests and you need help in the kitchen, we can help you with the delivery of food that in addition to satisfying the tastes and the most demanding gourmets will be very beautiful presentation.